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This is the mainstay that supports the entire management and growth strategy of our company, based on high added value robotic technology.

We invest a significant part of the turnover in R&D.

Every single evolution of our machines, like every new generation machine, is extensively tested in the production department. It is only after a long series of internal running tests and a strict validation procedure that our innovations are introduced on the market.


Every request for the execution of special “Customer custom parts or groups”, each evolution of the machines’ performance decided in-house and every strategic component of the new generation machines, is subjected to prototyping and testing. This allows us to define, with method and confidence, the final engineering and the reachability of the design performance of each single new component.

Even for us, 3D printing is a daily work tool, which we use not only for R&D and prototyping activities, but also for the preparation of standard components and spare parts.


Each of our machines is supplied with the SISES Expert System.

This is a real pièce de résistance and is the tool through which our customers are able to efficiently produce with our machines on daily basis, in whatever time zone they work and in any number of daily shifts they are organized, almost completely eliminating the need to be in contact with us to solve machine downtimes and breakdowns.

SISES guides the operator with an intuitive and rapid method to identify the causes that generate downtime, from micro-stops to stops that without immediate technical support would cause significant production losses.

It’s like having an expert always by your side. The first result that it helps to achieve is the increase, day by day, of the technical efficiency of the machines, which is worth a greater number of pieces produced per day.

In addition, it contains the electronic manuals of each individual component and device fitted on the machine, the video tutorials for the setup of the recipes, for the set-up of the machine cycles and for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations.


All our machines can be connected on-line, in real time, to the SISES Expert System with which they are equipped.

At the sole discretion and authorization of the customer, our e-Service on-line equipped office can access the SISES to provide constant and tireless technical support on mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and software issues, production processes, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, on the management of new recipes as well as any advice required to evaluate any operating condition of our machines.

Each machine is also equipped with video-SERVICE, an interconnected system of high-definition cameras that allows to store 7 working days of production, automatically updating with the Last Input Last Output method.