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Talent’s mission is to provide ROBOTIC SYSTEM LINES that carry out the entire manufacturing process in the ‘cold area’ of the mosaics production factories.

On our stand-alone or in-line machines we feed the loose tiles from the kilns to process them up to the perfect laying on the surfaces to be covered, after having MIXED, ORDERED, CLASSIFIED, BONDED and PACKED them.

All of this is the result of 35 years of the finest industrial robotic technology Know-how that Talent has applied with dedication in the field of industrial mosaics over the past 15 years.

We classify 4 production phases to transform loose tiles into mosaic sheets and place them on pallets packaged and ready for shipment.

01 MIXING   –   02 FILLING   –   03 STICKING   –   04 PACKING

For each of these phases, Talent has developed a series of robotic machines that can work independently, performing just one of the production phases automatically, or be in series with one or more of the other machines, up to create complete production system lines, with automatic operation from the furnace to the box.

The Talent technology now continues beyond the mosaics factories and adds a fifth phase:   05 LAYING!.

After 3 years of intense and enthusiastic research and development, Talent introduces a world premiere in the global market, the SIMPO system for the infallible laying of any type of mosaic, making it PERFECT always and in any working condition, FAST beyond any reference standard, RELIABLE to resist the effects of time and EASY to support a very difficult profession.