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Italian Technology Made in Italy

TALENT manufactures robotic systems that perform automatically, with IN-LINE SYSTEMS, or semi-automatically, with stand-alone MACHINES, the entire production process in the ‘cold’ are of industrial mosaic production factories.

Our company introduced at global level the bonding process of mosaics with polyurethane LINES or CORDS, identified as LINE PLAST and CORD PLAST, technologies applied by a range of robotized machines called STICKING MACHINE.

Our inexhaustible attention to the evolution of the product requirements and production processes of the key players in the industrial mosaics sector meets daily the same inexhaustible RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT of the performance and ease of use of our machines.



TALENT is founded by a management of consolidated experience, gained in 20 years of activity in industrial robotics with high added value applied invery competitive industrial sectors.


After a year of intense development, the first series of STICKING MACHINES identified as PATTERN is ready, the robotics machine that applies polyurethane adhesives. The innovation begins.

Applications multiply, technology evolves and bonding costs per square meter start to fall.


Talent presents the first ‘grade’ of the polyurethane adhesive series for mosaics called SUPER-TECH, developed in co-design with a world leader in industrial chemicals.


Talent adds the STICKING MACHINE series EVOLUTION to its range, the first bonding machine with polyurethane CORDS.

The cost per square meter drops dramatically, the production capacity rises steeply and the back of the tiles is almost completely free.

The range of Super-Tech adhesives grows and specializes in glass and ceramic mosaics. Innovation does not stop.


Talent’s Know-How combining ROBOTICS – INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS – BONDING TECHNOLOGY breaks into the TILES production lines with exciting projects carried out in co-design with leading manufacturers in the sector.

The range of Super-Tech adhesives extends to the tile sector, with a grade for Ventilated Facades, a grade for bonding plastic backings for technical purposes on the back of tiles and a grade for bonding finishes in natural or artificial materials on the face of the tiles for aesthetic purposes.


After an extended analysis of the existing mosaic production lines, Talent develops and lists the STICKING MACHINE series ROBOTS.

They are designed to operate in an integrated way with existing production lines, even the most dated, whatever their production capacity is.

The ROBOT machines series are also able of bonding two mosaic sheets simultaneously, both square or rectangular.


The formats of mosaics produced on our machines multiply, and so do the tiles housing trays, more commonly called molds.

It becomes essential to develop machines and molds in co-design, to maximize the use of the production capacity, the precision and the bonding quality of our machines.

A new series of STICKING MACHINE is born, called MOLD, able to produce rectangular mosaic sheets made up of tiles of any size, housed in new-concept molds, designed together with our machines.


The technology of the first generation of machines is completely renewed, the STICKING MACHINE series called CRISTAL was born.

They are characterized by extreme flexibility, they can in fact produce mosaics of any format and can be fed randomly with multiple formats of mosaics simultaneously and in a random order.

With the CRISTAL series of machines the mosaic formats can be changed automatically, without operator intervention as they are equipped with an automatic recognition system of the loaded molds.


Talent’ technology continues to grow, the knowledge gained in the mosaics field become the mainstays, the industrial world shows profound changes and requires new challenges. All this motivates Talent’s management to launch the development of a series of FILLING MACHINES, which break with the past and face the increasingly competitive future. Innovation extends to integrated production systems.

Talent’s AUTOMATIC LINES can now MIX, ORDER, BOND and PACK the mosaics in a fully integrated manner.


The Selling Point becomes ‘FROM FURNACE TO SURFACE’.

Innovation continues beyond the production of increasingly perfect mosaics sheets. Talent’s technology exits the production factories and continues to the destination surfaces of the mosaics with the SIMPO project, the LAYING SYSTEM designed to change the state of the art of laying mosaics.

SIMPO is based on 4 milestones of laying techniques: PERFECTION, SPEED, RELIABILITY, SIMPLICITY.

Talent becomes the first company on the international market to make high added value technology available from exiting the furnace to the covering surfaces of industrial mosaics.


From Talent’s new SUPER-GRADES polyurethane adhesive platform, the first two products of the near future are born, Super-Tech 9 (ST-9) and Super-Tech 10 (ST-10).

The SUPER-GRADES platform is the result of a long research and development activity, of all the most used mosaic bonding methods performances comparative analysis and of the co-design with the new electronic / firmware platform of the Sticking Machine range of Talent with high production capacity.