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The tiles

There are several MIXING MACHINE solutions, each of which suitable for the different types of tiles that we handle.
The requirements of each customer are unique, so for each of them we study the solution that best adapts to the characteristics of their production.
Talent’s series of mixing machines can mix small batches of tiles as well as batches of several tons of different colours.

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The molds

Talent’s FILLING MACHINES adopt molds filling solutions that break with the past and bring this phase of the mosaics manufacturing process to a level of productivity, flexibility, efficiency and cost per square meter that set the new standard in the mosaics industry.

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The mosaics

Our STICKING MACHINES can bond any size of tile, from 5 up to 100 mm, even in special formats.
The application of the Super-Tech adhesives series for mosaics can be performed with the cords method or with the line beads method.
The mosaic sheets can be produced in square, rectangular or special shapes.

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The sheets

We have applied our historical know-how in packaging to design automatic and semi-automatic case erectors for the packaging of mosaic sheets of any size and format, SQUARE or RECTANGULAR.
With our PACKAGING MACHINE series, we can pick the bonded mosaic sheets, automatically pack them and organize the boxes on pallets divided by multiple storage and shipping destinations, by batch or by format.

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To perfection

The laying is the last and difficult phase of the mosaics production cycle and has the task of enhancing all their beauty once applied on the surfaces to be covered.
The SIMPO project, of extraordinary innovation, has the strength to change the state of the art of laying industrial mosaics and to become the benchmark in a profession with a level of difficulty as high as it is prestigious.

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