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The laying of mosaics is a prestigious ancient art, based very much on the manual dexterity of the layers and little on the tools that facilitate the work.

With the SIMPO project we have created a series of TOOLS and a METHOD that allow to carry out the PERFECT, FAST and SECURE laying over time of any type of mosaic, on any surface to be covered and in any working condition.

It took over 2 years of research and development to make the tools not only simple but also surprisingly effective and to make the laying method intuitive and suitable for every user.

The professional layer will immediately understand how to obtain the maximum performance in every use condition from the SIMPO system.

The less skilled layer will be able to perform laying operations with a level of excellence otherwise unattainable without years of experience in the field.

The DIYer can try their hand at a very difficult profession and will certainly be satisfied with the final result of their work.

The laying of each mosaic will be based on the 4 milestones of the enthusiastically innovative SIMPO project:

The perfect alignment between each mosaic sheet is the first element of excellence of SIMPO that can be seen as soon as the first sheets are laid. The more complex the surface to be covered, the more surprising the perfection of each alignment.

The laying speed relates to the complexity of the surfaces to be covered. Respecting this rule, the speed with which laying is carried out with SIMPO cannot be achieved by any other manual method applied today, even the most efficient.

The uniformity and regularity of the pressure exerted on the mosaic surface with SIMPO, guarantees the total penetration action of each single tile of the mosaic sheet to the cement glue.

The SIMPO laying method is so intuitive that it guides the layer with confidence in performing a perfect laying operation starting from any point of the surface to be covered.




Anyone who applies themselves to the difficult technique of laying mosaics, from the expert to the beginner, aspires to reach the level of perfection capable of portraying the beauty of the mosaics that cover a surface.

The SIMPO project, in the hands of any layer, from the expert to the beginner, allows to achieve precisely this result.

Always, in every laying project. And not only this.

Every single mosaic sheet contained in the boxes, even if damaged, and every single tile, even if detached from the backing, can be used and the result of their laying will always be perfect. All the contents of the mosaic boxes can be used, no matter how damaged it is during transport.

The advantages don’t end here. To find out more info@talent-systems.it


The laying in conditions of complex surfaces and with many variations of planes was the basis for the development of the SIMPO project.
The perfection of the alignment between whole sheets and / or portions of sheets is always guaranteed, on every plane, on every corner, on every notch, on every undercut and in every coupling with wall-mounted accessories.
This is the first great result that the SIMPO project guarantees to the layers.
Experienced professionals also taught us new techniques for using SIMPO during the laying of bathrooms which they themselves consider difficult.
We are grateful to them for this help.

Laying POOLS

The exceptional speed of execution of the laying is the best surprise for those who use the SIMPO for the first time in the pool.
It is unsurpassed, whatever the method with which the SIMPO method is compared.
Naturally guaranteeing the known perfection of the alignments between the sheets.
Experienced layers have also directed us on what to do for them when laying the floor of the pools, an operation that forces them to assume strenuous positions for long hours.


In the laying of CAD-drawing mosaics performed with SIMPO, it is impossible to ‘read’, as they say in the jargon, the mosaic sheets.
The absolute perfection of the alignment between the sheets, allows the observer to focus only on the beauty of the tiles and the quality of the graphic / artistic project.


The perfect repetition of the graphic motif is the characteristic of the graphic / artistic projects of wallpaper mosaics.
In addition to the non-waivable beauty of the tiles.
It is exactly the perfection in the repetition of the graphic motifs the element of excellence of SIMPO for wallpaper mosaics, even for the most complex projects.