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01 – MIXING the tiles 2020-11-18T08:16:59+01:00


The mixing machines produce homogeneous mixtures of loose tiles destined to the FILLING MACHINES.

The mixtures can be composed of tiles with different tones of the same colour or composed of tiles of different colours, thus defined as ‘customized’.

Talent’s Mixing Machines allow mixing both small production batches and batches of colours of several tons, and can be equipped to weigh “in line” the desired quantity of tiles for each colour tone or for each different colour that makes up the mixture.

Since we process different types of tiles there are different mixing machine solutions, just as the requirements of mosaic manufacturers differ.

Handling the tiles without breakage, homogeneously mixing the colour tones, reducing transit times from the kiln to the molding process, maximizing the level of automation, and operating in safety are among the distinctive elements of our mixing machines.

In the past years we have learned that every project is a new challenge, because every product has different requirements and every manufacturer knows exactly what they need and show us the ideal path for them.




The Mixing Machines work continuously, without interrupting the mixing cycle when loading the various boxes containing the tiles to be mixed. The operators work is made effortless, safe, easy and efficient.

The number of boxes to be mixed can be set by the operator, so that the whole final mixture is perfectly homogeneous and therefore contains the same quantity of tiles for each colour tone.

To fill the boxes with the mixed tiles, the Talent machines have 3 different levels of automation that define the respective machine families.

GRAVITY once mixed, the tiles are gravity fed into the boxes through directional chutes.

OPERATOR the tiles are manually ‘accompanied’ into the boxes by operators using a specifically designed tool.

ROBOT a robot takes care of placing the mixed tiles neatly into the boxes, creating a uniform and stratified filling layout.